Planning the Best Holiday Parties in Denver

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30 Sep Planning the Best Holiday Parties in Denver

Denver Holiday PartyOrganizing a holiday party in Denver that’s both memorable and rewarding requires preparation, the right venue and a professional team of event staff. NATIV Hotel — a neo-noir boutique hotel and event space — delivers a holiday party experience unlike any other. NATIV features three main event spaces with their own bars, classy seating arrangements and exclusive amenities. Rather than reserving your company party in traditional conference ballrooms, raise the bar this holiday season with NATIV’s elegant accommodations, decadent amenities and distinctive event spaces.

NATIV Hotel LobbyA lavish cross of modern style and retro flare, NATIV’s unique boutique environment is unmistakably fitting for holiday parties of up to 500 guests. An upscale nightclub, DJ Booth, celebrity-chef restaurant, self-pour craft beer wall, three bars and versatile social seating areas are just some of the many reasons NATIV hosts the best holiday parties in Denver. NATIV Hotel offers three different event spaces, each offering its own unique atmosphere:

Stereo Lounge, a nightclub and live performance space, is the heart of NATIV’s nightlife scene. The underground club features discrete VIP booths great for holiday gatherings or small get-togethers with friends, family or coworkers. The award-winning Stereo Lounge is renowned for attracting celebrity performances and guest appearances.

Denver's Best Holiday Parties at NATIV HotelBiergarten Keg & Kitchen, located in the back of the hotel, proudly features a self-pour beer wall tapped with 20 different Colorado craft beers. The beer wall is sure to leave a great impression on guests at your organization’s next holiday party. Biergarten Keg & Kitchen includes dishes created by celebrity chef, Aaron May, and a bar stocked with craft wine and spirits. Biergarten also features plenty of large HD television screens to fit your presentation needs or to air sports games during a holiday party.

NATIV Hotel Lobby; which includes a full bar, lounge and café, is a large event space fashioned with retro artwork and modern designs. With comfortable seating throughout the lobby, the space is bound to keep your office socializing with drinks-in-hand during holiday parties. NATIV Hotel‘s large ceilings and spacious layout provides plenty of space for presentations with media equipment available.

NATIV Hotel Lobby & CafeWhen you choose NATIV to plan your holiday party, you can receive the highest quality service possible. A dedicated party coordinator is provided so you can focus on enjoying yourself when hosting your holiday party at NATIV. You can customize each event package with your preferences in entertainment, dining and drinks. Keep everyone partying safe at your company holiday party with NATIV Hotel’s discounted rooms.

NATIV Hotel Lobby BarFor more information on perks, including the NATIV Sweepstakes, gift cards and holiday decorations, view our event booking services on our website and contact an event coordinator today for a free quote! Whether you’re a small office looking to host a private event in Biergarten Keg & Kitchen, or a corporate office interested in a full hotel-takeover, NATIV Hotel is available to transform your holiday party into an unforgettable experience.

Do you want to plan one of the best holiday parties in Denver this year? Contact our event coordinators and let’s get started right away!