11 Dec Boost Your Day with NATIV Café

Coffee Machine at NATIV CafeFormerly CanBria coffee shop, NATIV Café is providing Denverites with a one-of-a-kind caffeine fix with an amazing new menu in one of Denver’s most beautiful settings. Located in in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood (Lower-Downtown), this swanky java house has exactly what you need to get your morning started right. If you regularly spend your mornings bustling around Downtown Denver, then NATIV Café’s signature beverages are bound to put a spring in your step.

NATIV Hotel's NATIV Coffee by Think Darryl Photography - Denver Real Estate PhotographerWhile a variety of coffee shops are nestled under the high rises in LoDo, each fails in comparison to the delectable beverages served at NATIV Café. The Café is located to your immediate right when you step foot inside of NATIV Hotel’s upscale lobby. Positioned just off of 16th Street Mall, NATIV Café is the perfect destination to grab a quick pick-me-up before getting all of your holiday shopping done at the various retail stores and outlets located nearby.

NATIV Hotel's Lobby Bar and Cafe by Think Darryl Photography - Denver Real Estate PhotographerEach caffeinated beverage is prepared by NATIV’s talented baristas and served up with the perfect amount of zing paired with stylish mugs and glassware. Enjoy your drink while people-watching out the window on the corner of 16th Street — or slouch down into one of the luxuriously comfortable seating arrangements in adjacent hotel lobby. Modern furnishings, fixtures and décor make NATIV Café one of the classiest spots to enjoy a strong ‘cup of joe’ in Mile High City.

Gourmet Coffee Drinks at NATIV CafeAlong with its new name, NATIV Café now tenders an entirely updated menu of tasty drinks for you to enjoy. NATIV is a big supporter of local businesses and its café uses Dazbog Coffee’s freshly roasted beans, syrups and sauces. In addition to the classics, such as a cappuccino or macchiato, the café also offers four delectable specialty drinks, including Canela Mocha, Deconstructed Latte, Honey Pot Breve and NATIV Latte. You can opt to have your drink crafted from your choice of milk or milk substitute, including whole milk, 2% milk, soy milk or coconut milk.

NATIV Cafe at NATIV Hotel by Think Darryl Photography - Denver Real Estate PhotographerDeconstructed Latte
Perhaps the most palatable creation on the menu, NATIV Café’s Deconstructed Latte delivers an elegant mix of flavor and energy. This tasty warm beverage is brewed with a double shot of Dazbog’s organic White Nights Espresso, a 2 ounce serving of steamed milk and a miniature Latte. Each sip you take is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

NATIV Coffee is a great way to start your dayHoney Pot Breve
The Honey Pot Breve is one deliciously sweet treat to keep you warm and satisfied. The drink begins with a base of pure, raw honey, followed by Dazbog’s organic White Nights Espresso, topped with Dazbog’s Signature White Chokolat and finally set with steamed half and half.

Open daily from 10am to 3pm, and late-night on Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm to 2am, NATIV Café gives you a boost with the perfect combination of flavor, style and vitality.